2022 in Reading

O Books!

Reader Beware:For the categories that I made up, I tried to avoid repeats. So if a book is mentioned as “Best New Books” it’s not also “Most Poignant” (and vice versa)-even though lots of these books could fall into multiple categories.

2022 was the year of NO reading challenges, and it shows. I let myself read whatever I wanted to read (and could get from my library). The results are a LOT of basic white-lady picks. There are also many middle grade books still in my queue that probably belong here (I’m thinking particularly about Lolo’s Light by Liz Garton Scanlon and Three Strike Summer by Skyler Schrempp).

The image contains 50-60 book covers of the books read by the poster. It also contains text reading: 2022 in Books
44,193 pages read
126 books read 
•	Longest was a reread (A Court of Mist and Fury)
•	Shortest was a PB (Mother God)
•	Most-read genre was romance
•	15 audiobooks (biggest year yet)
Most decolonizing: There, There
Most Poignant: True Biz
Best “Lit” Fic: The Mere Wife
Best “Chick” Lit: The Bodyguard
Most Personal: Every Summer After
Best Audio: The Sentence, Little Fires Everywhere, and Oh, William!
The image contains another 60 or so book covers of books read by the poster this year. It also contains text saying
Most Important
Braiding Sweetgrass

Most Beloved
•	Book Lovers
•	Song of Achilles
•	Tomorrow & Tomorrow &Tomorrow

Most Surprising
•	Ten Thousand Doors of January 
•	Lessons in Chemistry
•	52 Ways to Walk

Best Romance
•	Eloisa James Would-be Wallflowers series
•	Soulmate Equation
•	Hook, Line, and Sinker

Best YA & MG
•	Everything Sad is Untrue
•	The Last Cuentista
•	The Ogress & the Orphans
Best New Books
•	Civil War of Amos Abernathy
•	Man O’War
•	When Women Were Dragons


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