A Teenage Blessing

We are not a part of a religious community that marks a bar mitzvah or a confirmation; we have no temples to enter or rituals to undergo. But I feel that such traditions are essential markers on the journey to adulthood. I created the teenage blessing as a way to help my sons experience a ritualized step toward their independence.

We celebrated the event on/near their 13th birthdays, which means we just did our second (and last) one this weekend.

So many friends have asked about it, wondered about it, or wished for something similar that I’ve put together a mini-guide to hosting a teenage blessing.

As for copyright, the tools are here to be used. Please be my guest–and use what’s useful, discard the rest. Tweak, adjust, or overhaul according to what you and your family would prefer. But this permission is for your personal or family use only. Do not reprint or publish the material anywhere else.


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