None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

22896551Krissy is a hurdler, a runner, and part of the homecoming court, but when she gets diagnosed with AIS and discovers that she has testicles, her whole world gets flipped upside down. Of course, it’s even worse when her boyfriend finds out what happened and Krissy gets targeted for bullying and hate crimes.

She loses him. Her best friends. And even her sense of herself–and she has to find her way back to those things or stay lost forever.

I enjoyed the book a lot–and I plan to recommend it to students, who will like it, I suspect, for the educational aspects. Learning about intersex folks and even AIS specifically isn’t going to do anyone any harm. And the romance that develops is really sweet. So so sweet. I

However, I will say that it wasn’t particularly surprising on the points where I think it was trying to be. It was obvious to me (as a reader) that Krissy would be crowned queen, that Vee hadn’t told the secret, that Kristin’s surgery was ill-advised, that Darren was into Krissy. The friendships were also a struggle for me. I wanted to believe them, but I felt like there were too many “we’ve been through so much-es” between Vee/Faith and Krissy and not enough going-through-so-much-es. Even the memories of what they’d been through were murky and felt underdeveloped.

So overall? A great book with tons to recommend it, but not going to be a personal favorite or one I re-read.


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