clear-the-shelf: a summer reading challenge

Summer 20131I’ve purged my GoodReads “To Read” shelf. What remains (see photo, above) are theoretically books I actually do want to read.  And I’m going to clear the shelf during Summer 2013.

Rules of the Clear-the-Shelf Game:

  1. These books must come from the library unless the library doesn’t stock them.  In that case, I will request it from the library and beg or borrow them from friends or acquaintances.  Buying is a last resort for this quantity of books!
  2. If I’m not enjoying a book or it’s not expanding my horizons, I’ll keep reading until page 50.  If I’m still not enjoying it, I’ll send it to the “abandoned” shelf.
  3. I’ll update my reading as much as possible on Sweet & Arch.
  4. Kid’s books can be read aloud with my kids.
  5. I will allow myself a non-list read for every list-read I complete.

Wanna clear your “To Read” shelf too?

Then join in!  Leave a comment on this post, and include a link to your GoodReads To-Read shelf.

You’re welcome to friend me on GoodReads, too.  I’m AliBG over there.

2 thoughts on “clear-the-shelf: a summer reading challenge

  1. Hi Renee. It’s a combination of browsing through bookstores & libraries, getting recommendations from friends and families, and reading other book-lover blogs. I’ve been adding them to my GoodReads for years. 🙂


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