the accidental tributes

Dateline: Yesterday in revision.  One of my characters, dazed by a particularly lovely creature, shook his head “experimentally” afterward, “like a dog with water in his ears.”

Wait a minute. That sounds vaguely familiar.

Is it….?

Let me check.


Crap. That’s Ron and Fleur.

It’s not the first time this has happened, either. But what does a writer do with these strange, accidental tributes?

I took the Ron and Fleur simile out, but there are other scraps I’ve left alone. Part of me wants them there for other readers and librarians and English teachers to recognize (hopefully) (someday). But as I said a few posts ago, I also want to uphold artistic integrity and academic honesty.

Without adding a bibliography to my novel.

(Though I do have one.)

(I said I was a nerd, didn’t I?)


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